French medallic art 1870-1940

Medallists such as Chaplain, Roty and Charpentier renewed medallic art in France during the nineteenth century, leading to a revival that attracted worldwide interest.



The book "French medallic art 1870-1940" examines the background to this revival and investigates its development down to the 1930s. The wide range of subjects addressed by the artists is evident from the numerous illustrations.


In addition, the book provides substantial insights into the medal society founded by Roger Marx, the Société des Amis de la Médaille française (1899–1920).


Short biographies are given for a total of 73 artists who decisively influenced French medallic art during the periods of Art Nouveau, Symbolism, Naturalism and Art Deco.


On the following pages I would like to show some medals of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco period that have not been depicted in the book.

Trilingual edition: English - German - French

416 pages - 750 b&w illustrations - 24 x 31 cm

ISBN: 978-3-00-031384-4